PTM Shenandoah Hike & Bike Halloween 2020

Can you beat this costume? We'd like to see you tri!

If you were unaware, this year’s Halloween falls on a Saturday. And considering how crazy the week after is likely to be, we at Perfect Timing Multisport are of the mind it’s the perfect time for a multisport group event—namely hiking and biking through Shenandoah’s stunning fall foliage. Oh, and it just wouldn’t be Halloween if you didn’t come correct with your costume…and yes, we’ll be handing out prizes for the Best Biker Costume and the Best Hiker Costume, all courtesy of PTM and our partners.

To find more details, or register for this event, click here.

PTM Virtual 5K+

*Benefiting Black Kids Swim, Inc.*

To honor the Gorée Project, which is scheduled for September 27th, 2020, PTM will be organizing a virtual 5K+, with proceeds going to Black Kids Swim, Inc. you by doing 3.5 miles running .

Training is about having fun, accomplishing a goal and creating new ones and conquering those. This is a feat, between you and your goals and nothing else. Have fun!

Sign up here!

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