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Mike Shipp, Co-Founder, CEO

After spending some time in the Nations Capital, Washington (DC), Michael is back home in the city of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia, PA). Since being introduced to the multisport community in 2014, Shipp has been able to build some of the most meaningful relationships with people from all walks of life. However, it was obvious that a sport he loved so much lacked the thing he values the most, diversity! Upon completion of the Armed Services Arts Partnership Storytelling Program, he knew that the best way to make the space more inclusive was to tell the stories  athletes from underrepresented community. As a result, Michael founded Perfect Timing Multisport in March 2020, giving a diverse group of athletes, professionals, and athletic communities a space to share their stories while encouraging others to do the same. 

As a fitness enthusiast and community developer, Shipp has been fortunate to serve in many capacities. Of which, he is a Triathlon Coach for GRIT USA and DC Triathlon Club's New Triathlete Program, as a Swim Maters Coach for DC Triathlon Club, is a Young Professionals Board Member for Back On My Feet - DC, was a 2016 Team Red, White and Blue Eagle Leader Fellow, and has served on the Board of Directors for District Triathlon (2017-18), an organization working to encourage, inspire, support and increase the participation of People of Color in triathlon. 

When Shipp isn’t training or coaching, he enjoys spaces that allow him to be creative through writing and photography, as well as working with like minded people who are inspired to build better, more equitable communities.

Mike defines #ThePerfectAthlete as one that is patient, not only with themselves, but also with others. #ThePerfectAthlete is an honest one. That honesty not only pertains to knowing their strengths, but recognizing their weaknesses and allowing themselves the space to be perfect, despite their imperfections. Lastly, #ThePerfectAthlete is one that is welcoming. While many sports that are done individually, #ThePerfectAthlete understands the opportunity (and responsibility) they have to connect with their community, and welcomes others with open ears and arms. 

Shipp's Mantra: It's amazing what a free mind with enough resources can do. 

Daniela Ochoa Diaz, Co-Founder, COO

Daniela Ochoa Diaz, originally from Venezuela, moved to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) in 2015 then back to her America home city, Philadelphia (PA). While in DC, Daniela discovered triathlon by swimming alongside District Triathlon in it’s beginning stages. Feeling enriched by the community Daniela found in the multisport space, she went on to serve on the Board of Directors for District Triathlon from 2017-2019, an organization working to encourage, inspire, support and increase the participation of People of Color in triathlon. Having entered the multisport community through swimming, Daniela has a deep love  for swimming and helping others conquer their fears in the water. In 2018, Daniela joined the Masters Swim Program of DC Triathlon Club as a coach. 

Professionally, Daniela is a Health Equity, Rights and Justice professional and is a We Testify storyteller. Being trained in storytelling, informs the work behind the podcast piece of Perfect Timing Multisport. Daniela is happy to merge her love for advocacy, health and justice into the multisport community fluidly through Perfect Timing. There’s something magical about training in community, and building community in athletics that Daniela can’t get enough of. 

For Daniela, #ThePerfectAthlete is one who challenges themselves beyond their fear, and beyond their mental limitations that they’ve gotten used to as these don’t truly define one’s abilities- this looks differently for everyone. 

Daniela’s Mantra: I am here, I am now, I am enough.

Daniela has been featured in We Testify, Rewire.News, AFPtv, and can be found on Instagram at @TiemPoferpecto

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